Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

A fractional CO2 laser is a versatile tool in our armamentarium of skin resurfacing treatments. The laser penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin’s dermis. Each beam causes a tiny injury to the skin that causes body to repair and renew itself. Thousands of such little entries into the skin result in significant improvement to the skin’s surface appearance. Lines and wrinkles are smoothed, scars are improved, pores become smaller, and the skin is tightened overall.

This treatment can be performed on many areas of the body. The face is the most common area to be treated. Eyelids can be improved such that an eyelid lift may be delayed for many years to come. Loose skin of the neck can be tightened and smoothed. Acne scars are a source of embarrassment for many people, and these are improved with this laser. Even the hands can be treated to reverse signs of aging on an area that is often neglected.

The first 11 days of Dr. Bryan McIntosh’s recovery following Fractional CO2 Laser treatment.

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Amazing staff, very skilled and knowledgeable. Both aesthetician and doctor are beyond talented. Was so pleased to have a near painless injectable procedure today and was reminded of how lucky I am to have this amazing team at my fingertips. Thank you!

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