3 Crucial Reasons To Have A Doctor Perform Your Botox & Filler Injections

Doesn't your face and body deserve the best?
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With a doctor administering your injections you’ll enjoy:

The Best Possible Results

Because of their superior knowledge of anatomy, tissues and their interactions, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to give you the best possible results.

Advanced Injection Techniques

A board certified plastic surgeon has the ability to perform advanced injection techniques that can facilitate, maintain, and be coupled with surgical treatments.

Fewer Complications

Because of their extensive training and experience, a board certified plastic surgeon has the superior ability ability to prevent and handle complications.

Without a doctor administering your injections:

You Risk Less Than Perfect Results

You only have one face & body. Doesn’t it deserve the best? A doctor’s more extensive training ensures the best chance for the results you want.

Only Basic Injection Techniques

A nurse injector’s limited training can mean more of a one-size fits all style of treatment, rather than customizing injections for your specific needs.

Potentially More Complications

While many nurse injectors do a fantastic job, because of their more limited training there are likely going to be more potential complications. With some, they may have to refer you to another doctor.

NOTE: There are plenty of amazing nurse injectors out there who are safe and get amazing results. But they’re not a plastic surgeon.

Dr. McIntosh is the Bellevue’s premier plastic surgeon focusing on non-surgical (and surgical, if you need it) facial rejuvenation, using the latest injectables and injection techniques curated from top injectors around the world.

Using the same amount of filler as my previous doctor, he somehow made it look a million times better. I could not be happier with the results.

AlieB via RealSelf.com


Dr. McIntosh and his team are definitely a “cut above” other cosmetic surgical practices. Dr. McIntosh seems to truly care; always makse time to patiently answer questions; and most important, he could not be more highly skilled. 

Claudia McCartney via RealSelf.com


Dr. McIntosh is truly amazing !! He is so proficient with injections and Botox and actively listens. What a concept. In a world of rushed, busy and heavy dosing  I am so confident that every time I step foot in his practice I will be treated as VIP!

Anon49313 via RealSelf.com


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