Reconstructive Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

Women who have lost one of the most feminine characteristics from their body lose their sense of wholeness. A mastectomy or other deforming breast surgery can take an emotional toll on a woman. But cancer is not the final word.

Dr. McIntosh is well versed in the various breast reconstruction techniques. He can even work with your breast surgeon to begin reconstruction the same day as the mastectomy. Options for reconstruction include stretching the skin over a few weeks and then insertion of a permanent implant; moving skin, fatty tissue and muscle from one part of the body to create a breast; and reconstructing the nipple and areola from skin and tissue you already have.

See Dr. McIntosh for a consultation to discuss your options. Each woman is unique, and each reconstruction is tailored accordingly.

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Hand & Facial Fractures & Injuries

Accidents happen. Attacks by other humans and even by dogs happen. But restoring form and function is possible and essential to getting back to your job, your family, your life.

Injuries of the face and hands are well within the scope of practice of Dr. McIntosh, a plastic surgeon who has had years of experience treating these injuries. From lacerations involving skin, nerves, tendons and blood vessels to fractures of the bones, Dr. McIntosh can realign the bony fragments and tissues to allow your body to heal. Meticulous attention to detail is critical to leaving you with as minimal a scar as possible.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. McIntosh to begin the step to recovery.

Earlobe Repair

Dr. McIntosh is skilled in dealing with even the smallest details. A torn earlobe, earlobes stretched from gauges, or an earlobe that has developed a keloid are all common problems. These can usually be corrected in the office under local anesthesia, and the results are seen immediately.

See what Dr. McIntosh can do to correct your problematic earlobes.

Congenital Defects & Abnormalities

Every parent hopes for a beautiful, perfect baby. Sometimes, however, babies are born with an extra finger, a skin tag near the ear, or even a cyst on the face. These problems are relatively minor and Dr. McIntosh is happy to correct these. Some concerns can be addressed in the others while others may need a procedure done in the operating room. Dr. McIntosh would be pleased to help make your child the beautiful creation he or she truly is by correcting these types of congenital problems.

Traumatic Lacerations & Wounds

Nobody wants a scar, particularly on the face. However, once the skin is cut, scraped or crushed, scarring is inevitable. A talented plastic surgeon can minimize the scarring, and Dr. McIntosh has enjoyed helping countless patients with such problems. He even repairs lacerations in his office.

Feel free to contact Dr. McIntosh to have your laceration repaired by him or to seek his advice on how to help your wounds heal as well as they can.

Scars & Burns

Dr. McIntosh is also the only plastic surgeon on the east side who has completed a burn and wound fellowship. He would be pleased to help ensure your wounds or burns heal as quickly as possible. Sometimes this requires surgery but often not. Regardless, burn care can be challenging both for the patient and for the doctor. Dr. McIntosh is pleased to be the only surgeon on the east side to care for burn wounds.

Additionally, Dr. McIntosh sees patients with numerous problematic scars. Treatment to improve scars can involve surgery, lasers, medications, custom made garments, and even physical therapy.

A consultation with Dr. McIntosh will allow him to diagnose the problem and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Moles, Skin Tags & Lesions

Benign and even cancerous skin problems can be a challenge to deal with, particularly on the face, but even elsewhere on the body. Removing the lesion while creating the least visible scarring and not distorting surrounding structures are plastic surgical techniques Dr. McIntosh deals with regularly. If you have a skin cancer or even a mole or skin lesion that is of concern to you, see what Dr. McIntosh has to say about treating it.

Skin tags are not only unsightly but often get caught on clothing and jewelry. Patients even attempt to remove them with nail clippers only to find that now they are too short to adequately correct. These annoying appendages can be readily treated by Dr. McIntosh in the office.

Leg & Pressure Ulcers

Ulcers of legs can occur because of a trauma, incompetent veins, or clogged arteries. It is key to have an accurate assessment of the problem, its cause, and to come up with a treatment plan involving wound care, correcting vascular disease, and resolving and preventing infections. Regular follow-up is critical as well, as wounds can easily get out of hand and become simply unmanageable.

Bed sores (or pressure ulcers) are all too prevalent. Even a short hospital stay can result in breakdown of the skin. Patients with permanently impaired mobility are even more prone to skin ulcers. Often, eliminating the source of the pressure is curative, and the wound can heal. However, these wounds can become deep and cause infections deep in the bone.

Dr. McIntosh is facile with treating these complex ulcers. Surgery to remove devitalized tissue and then close the wound is usually just the beginning of the treatment process, and a prolonged rehabilitation then ensues to care for the newly closed wound and prevent it from reopening.

Working in conjunction with specialists in vascular surgery, infectious disease, interventional radiology, and acute and chronic inpatient care, Dr. McIntosh would be pleased to be involved in your care.

Request a no-obligation consultation with Dr. McIntosh to discuss the changes you would like to see in your body, and explore all of your options so you can make an informed decision that’s best for you.

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